What forms of financing do we offer? Aside from straight sale…

… we can arrange to sell you a vehicle on leasing or credit with all reputable leasing companies.

You can also purchase a vehicle in instalments or take advantage of leaseback. These types of financing are provided by our partner Czech Finance a.s

Instalment sale

Decide yourself how you will pay for your vehicle…

… Combine leasing with purchasing and create your own payment calendar.

It's purely up to you what amount of down payment, length of lease and residual value of the vehicle you choose, and thus how much you pay a month.

The monthly payment includes use of the vehicle, liability insurance, accident insurance and road tax.

And if you need repairs for your commercial vehicle, we'll be happy to arrange for it for a good price with our partner service station.

We can tell you more about instalment sale at the telephone number: 724 400 775.


And what's the situation with leasing at LOSL?

It's great. All our freight vehicles can be acquired through leasing – from dollies to eighteen-wheelers.

Right at our lot you can conclude a leasing agreement with renowned leasing companies Czech Finance, UNILEASING or ČSOB Leasing, as well as others.

More information on leasing conditions can be found on the websites of these companies or call us directly at: +420 724 400 775

If you are interested in buying a car on installment
We are here for you at the telephone number

Want to lease a truck that's already yours?

No, we're not kidding. We just want to offer you a new method of financing freight vehicles. It's called leaseback.

How does leaseback work?

Put simply – leaseback is a loan on your own vehicle. You sell it to us, but you can still use it. Nothing changes for you – you only gain! These are some of the advantages:

  • immediate operating funds
  • simplified vehicle registration
  • vehicle administration is our problem
  • funds don't get tied up in your fleet so they can be used elsewhere
  • a single payment containing all items for the vehicle

You can find out more information at the telephone number: 602 440 000.


If you don't want to buy a vehicle, you can rent it.

And not just trucks…

We rent out:

  • semi-trailer towing vehicles (emission classes – EURO 4, EURO 5, EEV and EURO 6)
  • semi-trailers
  • freight vehicles (in various designs: tandem sets with volume of 120 m3, refrigerated trucks, specials types such as 8x4, 8x6, etc.)
  • vans
  • passenger vehicles
  • construction equipment

You can find vehicles of various brands and specifications in our selection. You will be pleasantly surprised by the rental prices.

Rental is arranged for by our partner Czech Finance a.s.

We will be glad to arrange for rental quickly at the telephone number: 602 440 000.

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